Dog Names

Different Dog Names

Dog Breeds and Great Dog Names for Them

You have a brand new puppy coming to live with you, what kind is he, and what would be wonderful dog names for them? Below are a few different breeds of dogs and some cute and unique dog names to go with them. This will give you a head start on finding a dog names.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a beautiful dog, very loyal and affectionate and highly energetic. They are also intelligent and thrive on companionship. Some wonderful girl dog names would be Rain, Babe, Lacey, Ladybug and Roxanne (Roxy) for short. For the little male dog names how about Racer, Lancelot, Mojo and Frodo, these are cute and unique.

What if you brought home a baby Scottish terrier or Scottie, these babies love to play and run. They can also be very independent and free willed dogs. Good girl dog names are Fallon, Fanny, Paisley and Paprika. For the handsome boy dog names why not try Popeye, Porter, Badger, Bagel or Sprocket.

What if you have found the love of a Border collie? These dogs make absolutely wonderful pets and become part of the family in no time. Great girl dog names could be autumn, Beauty, Misty and Nanny. The boys dog names how about Napoleon, Jock, Prince or Striker.

Chihuahua's make terrific purse and lap pets. They are so delicate and small. They devote to their owners with affection and love. Girl dog names that would be perfect are Brandy, Heidi, India, Bessie and Mira. For the boys how about these dog names Binky, Checkers, Dash, Spike and Tex.

For the lovely and elegant white coated Maltese who is always friendly and happy with whatever they are doing and strongly devoted to their owners, these would be great dog names for the girls Sugar, Taffy, Tippy, Diamond, Pearl and Snowflake. For the boys dog names what about Dusty, Elvis, General, Sharkey, Skipper or Socrates?

If you have gotten a devoted and beautiful Labrador Retriever then you have picked a wonderful affectionate pet. Great girl dog names are Flicka, Phoenix, Loretta, Sunrise and Emily. Good boy dog names are Nipper, Sonny, Laddie, King, Tucker and Spirit.

Looking for the perfect lap dog then a Yorkshire terrier is just for you. They are elegantly beautiful, small and very affectionate. Some wonderful girl dog names would be Willow, YoYo, Zsa Zsa, Millie, Meggie and Crystal.

The boy dog names for this breed are Ranger, Scout, Patches, Chips, Darby, Maxwell and Goliath.

Whichever dog names you choose, you'll know you made the right choice for you and your new furry bundle of joy, the first time he acknowledges his or her name for the first time. Let your children help in the naming process, make a game out of. Tell them to write down the names they think fit the puppy and you will do the same, put all pieces of paper with the names on it in a hat or bowl and draw out one by one and say it to the puppy whichever he or she responds to then that would be the name.