The Top Ten Dog Breeds That Are Good With Kids

Our children often ask us to buy them a little puppy. They promise you to walk and take care of it, exercise and love his future pet as the member of family. However the majority of parents are afraid to add the dog to their family being unsure whether the pet fits in well or has the natural disposition to put up with while children are around it.

In addition, there are thousands of stories that describe how dogs bit or crippled the children. On the other hand, it is well known that a devoted and well-natured dog may be one of the best child's friends. Thus, very often parents need to make the right choice. They need to decide whether to bring a dog into the house or not. To prevent any difficulties or problems that the dog may cause have a look through the top ten dog breeds that are good with kids.

1. Labrador
These dogs usually protect and care for children, taking a mothering role with them. They will be gentle and devoted while they playing with and loved.

2. Boxer

This dog may become the best buddy for your kid if he will play and care for it properly. Being well-natured they dedicate their whole life to serve your family.

3. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever does its best to keep the children out of harms way. This protective dog breed constantly keeps an eye on your kid and if a stranger is closing to.

4. Basset Hound

It is a really a soft-hearted dog breed. Thought it is considered to be a lazy dog basset Hound may play with your little one all the day round.

5. Newfoundland

Good with kids, this big-sized dog resembles teddy bear and can play with your child as long as he can handle. Its large bundles make the dog breed very amazing. However if you decide to get Newfoundland for your child be sure that he is bigger that the dog.

6. Pug

This dog breed becomes the best friend once you see it. The dog adores be loving and caring as one of the family members. Pug’s flat face makes him very attractive and wanted almost for everyone.

7. Beagle

It is a cute and friendly dog breed that will make your child love it and admire. The children like its lovely baying and tenderness. The Beagle will fit your small kid and will be one of the adorable members of your family.

8. Whippet

This dog breed is for active kids as it can play with them for a long time. Then after a long time it curls up with your child and they both have a great rest.

9. Collie

This type of dog is famous from the movie about Lassie. This is one of the most friendly and gentle dog breeds. Collies distinguish by their unconditional love and infinite patience. Thus, they are good and tender even with those kids that are too rough.

10. Irish Setter

The more your little ones love Irish Settler the more gentle and happier the dog will be. This dog breed is one of those that are extremely good with the children. Be sure by getting it you will present your child one of the best and devoted friends for their whole life.